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Don't forget he is used to deception whimsey. Try not I punish him for the information he gives you as much as you want to. You need to be on the same team. That is what connection is about and the two of you didn't get a chance to complete that entirely as he was still cheating by talking to her on line. I would suggest talking to him about trying to achieve that or keep as much as you can right now by communicating and letting emotions out but not taking them as a trigger for more in each other. He might be reacting with apathy because he is overwhelmed and consumed by self protection in all this. After all he has now chosen to take on a needy secondary and is trying to play super hero. He could fail at that and really, I for one would not be surprised. Setting oneself up for success is far more affective but some people are ruled by their gentals and a pretty face.

I am gathering (assuming) this woman is an emothional mess because she is cheating? I hope that isn't another thing to pile on this shit load.
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