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Originally Posted by girlcaleb View Post
I never mentioned polygamy. I have no problems with my men seeing other women. My primary is involved with an awesome lady at the moment and I love her. I just thought that it was funny that some men I meet often see nothing wrong with dating multiple women yet these same men can not handle a woman that is dating multiple men. The man that dumped me just told me that he is too jealous to handle a poly relationship with me, him, and another man, but he did mentioned that he would be willing to enter a relationship with me if I only wanted to date him and other women.

I also do not live in a big city.
Sorry my mistake, I thought you were in New York or something

Polyandry, which you mentioned is polygamy in reverse. If you are going to allow your men to date outside of just you, then I am not sure it can be polyandry. At least from my understanding
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