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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
Why do you have to find poly people online ...don't you live in a big city? Why not hit up a poly meetup.

Why is his enjoyment of polygamy any worse than your want of polyandy. Personally I would never enter into a polyandry agreement. And honestly reading on polyandry made me reconsider my polygamist ways. Its just to difficult to ask a person to 100% commit to you, but you aren't 100% invested in them.
I never mentioned polygamy. I have no problems with my men seeing other women. My primary is involved with an awesome lady at the moment and I love her. I just thought that it was funny that some men I meet often see nothing wrong with dating multiple women yet these same men can not handle a woman that is dating multiple men. The man that dumped me just told me that he is too jealous to handle a poly relationship with me, him, and another man, but he did mention that he would be willing to enter a relationship with me if I only wanted to date him and other women.

I also do not live in a big city.

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