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Hi Whimsey,

Hope you are OK . I can't help feeling that insisting on the frequent updates did nobody any good. When we first started our polyandry we had very few rules but the one big one was the no-contact rule. And we have a 4 day, 3 day split. So I didn't hear from my wife for a 3 whole days at a time. The other guy didn't hear from her for a whole 4 days at a time. It was hard but very neccessary.
I learned to get on with stuff and get stronger in her 3 days away. It gave me plenty of time to process. Having updates like that will drive you crazy and will lead to resentment all round. You already had a fall out with your husband and he is not even back yet!
Chill girl it will be OK.

Admitted you have much previous grevious with his cheating. I am sure that is a factor in how you are feeling. I am not in any way criticizing you just trying to help you through.

Good luck.
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