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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
My initial thought, maybe find a poly stream

Sounds like you had a mono boyfriend who was honest about not being able to handle it.

You're right. He was honest. He told me from the start years ago that he didn't like the fact that I wanted more than one partner. So I can't be mad at him. I'm actually proud. He stood up and told me what I needed to hear. He's all grown up now. It's time for me to stop messing up his head and give him his space.

About the Poly stream , I have often wondered about looking online but it just doesn't feel the same. I feel as if I am cheating. I want to meet someone and have that magical feeling take over. Yes, I am a dreamer. I have met a good man online before. I still see him from time to time. Only problem is that he lives across the country. He is also not someone I want to count as "mine". we are just friends and we have sex. It works for the both of us.

What I really want is another man to share my life with, not just sex. I am sure I'm not the only girl on here that favors the idea of polyandry more than other types of relationships. It's just hard finding men that aren't put off by the idea. Funny note, the man that just dumped me was all for him, me, and another woman. Guys just make me go nuts when they bring this up. Is it just insecurity? I'm rambling now.

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