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I have come to this place in middle age with the realization that my soul has changed in the last 30 years as have I as a person, so why can't my soul mate or definition of a soul mate too? If I have recently come to the realization that I have room in my heart and soul for more than one other soul, is that not ok?

And....what about those of us who may have drifted away from our once religious backgrounds into new agnostic or atheistic beliefs where having a soul ain't a necessary requirement for living?

Soul mates to me are about meshing........, seemlessly meshing emotions, bodies, lives,..... combining two or more hearts/minds, people into one great big fulfilling life. I really never have subscribed to the theory that we have only one true soul mate or love out there for each of us. I think that does a tremendous disservice to man's/woman's ability and capacity to love. I resent the people out there who are so closed minded as to think that way. I'm sorry if that upsets people out there but that's what I think.

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