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Thanks for all the insight! Very helpful so far. I am sorry, but I don't know the acronyms yet- so if you speak in them, please translate

Knowing me, it would have to be a "relationship relationship".... I can't enjoy just sex without the emotional bonding that goes with it. I wouldn't want to do it with just a "booty partner" but no trusted friendship attached. It's not enjoyable for me & is impossible for me to let go during the act if all I am thinking is "I don't really know this person". So I am probably looking for the friendship, closeness, intimacy, connection, as well as sex.

Is there a book I can give my husband? If he goes for it should we have a written contract of the terms we agree to? Should he meet the guys in a coffee/dinner situation before so he can give blessings? I want it all out in the open otherwise it would feel like cheating. If the shoe were on the other foot & he decided to become poly, I wouldn't want him going off with another girl without me knowing & having met her first.
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