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Originally Posted by Wraith View Post
............. In the interest of not being miserable every time he sleeps with someone else, and not fighting with him anymore, is there anything anyone can recommend that I might be able to try in order to approach this more rationally and deal with my jealousy?
Hi Wraith,

Yep - there is !

Come to grips with the fact that human sexuality is a natural, but complex thing.
People have a variety of sexual needs, desires, fantasies etc. And a widely varying drive for sex. It 's just that way. Some days it rains. Some days the sun is out. Accept it !

You can choose to be a partner in a SO's sexual exploration and satisfaction - or an impediment. It's YOUR choice !
You can be open, share in the tales of good, bad, ugly and travel together. Or not.

Which choice do you think will make your bond stronger ?

Not that difficult to understand - is it ?

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