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I guess I'm going to be sleep deprived after all.

That did NOT go well.
Between he and I.
It seemed to go well between he and his GF, except the leaving at the end...

He got back to the hotel far later than I'd imagined. And there was no communication about how long he'd be. And I did lose my cool, which was not well done of me. I don't tend to really lose it, but...

He said he had to stay because she was emotional and needed to be held.
I was bordering on hysterical and needing to be reassured.

And it was a hard place for him to be in, and I completely get that...

But he also lost his cool and it went downhill from there.

And so instead of a positive re-connect...I felt NO connection at all.
It was so hard. It is continuing to be so hard, because he's gone all tomorrow (today) until late, and works all Sunday - 14 hours.

I'll try something different tomorrow and not ask for any communication. Because maybe that will be better. I have no idea. Basic travel info and if there's anything he wants to share with me, I'm here. If not....boyo and I will keep busy and we'll have to see where my brain goes.

I don't know.

I'm really sad because I started this evening and tonight really strong and positive. And maybe if I hadn't waited up for him that would've continued.
I'll never know.

Feeling discouraged and ever so lonely right now.
Am going to crawl into bed and see if I can't get 3 - 4 hours sleep...
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