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I'm taking a break from the forum, but your post pulled me in. It sounds so similar to Karma and I.

We wouldn't be where we are without a lot of hard, honest talks. And Karma putting in a lot of work to gain back the trust he violated.

I question why your husband isn't willing to do this. To put forth the effort it takes. Karma lost all privacy after I found out. I've loosened up, now. But for awhile I was checking everything. And he let me. (Huge thing for him). He followed every request I made, no matter how pointless or trivial he thought it was.

Karma thought I was at a standstill too, for quite awhile. Until I let him in on where I had been and where I was.

Communication is talked about all over this forum and there's a reason for it. You both have got to communicate.

There's a lot of growth to be had, working through something like this.

I'd like to think we're on the otherside of it now, but we still have some bumps in the road.

From what I can see, your husband seems to be ignoring your needs in all of this. He's got to respect you and your feelings. And you him. This is a two way street.

I hope you get your phone call. I know waiting without knowing anything kills me.

And I hope when he comes home, regardless of how this weekend goes for him, the two of you can talk, and he can respect your needs.

It's not going to work if he doesn't.
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