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Red face Haven't broached the poly subject yet...

I'm a wife in a 6 year mono relationship with a great man. He's loyal, steadfast, loving. We are best friends. We were both celibate before marriage, and our wedding night was our first time. The sex has been a beautiful experience growing together. But we have really mismatched sex drives. I have come to realize that it may not be enough for me. I do need more love, intimacy, connection, experimentation, spontaneity than he can give.

He knows that I need more. Tonight he even joked that he would let me "get another husband".... After I initiated making love, but he had to sleep to get to work the next day. He just has an extremely low sex drive. I have talked to him about that several times, but he always says I'm being dramatic. This has been absolute torture for me as of late. Not sure how much more I can take. Is this a reason to become poly? How do I discuss it with him? I would want to make sure my secondary & I have an understanding & are great friends... And that my husband fully consents & has met the fellow.
How do I handle this? Any sage advice? Thank you!
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