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Question When should I tell her?

Hey, everyone. I'm pretty new here, and I've been reading and learning a lot. There is a whole lot of great information here. Now I've got a question and any input is appreciated.

First a little background. My wife and I have been together for thirteen years, married for ten, and poly for about six months. She has a boyfriend, but I am currently without an OSO.

Just out of curiosity I looked up my ex-girlfriend on facebook, and we started to email each other. We lived together for three years and broke up about fifteen years ago. I figured it would be “Hey hows it goin’? Blah, blah,blah” and then it would trail off as we ran out of things to say. Instead we have started to email each other once a day for almost a month now, sometimes twice a day. Lately I’m starting to sense some romantic tension in the emails. She knows I'm married, and I'm pretty sure that’s keeping her from going any further, but I'm not sure when I should tell her that we’re poly. I don’t want her to think I just got in touch with her to “hook up”.

I think she may be open to this kind of relationship because when we were together, we talked about having a threesome, and she wanted to be “intimate friends” at the beginning.
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