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Originally Posted by ray View Post
Hmm, why won't she let you meet him? I'm not trying to imply you shouldn't trust her, I'm just curious since you mention wanting to meet him.
1) She doesn't want him to see my pain and I don't think she trusts that I will avoid confrontation (not physical but emotional)
2) I think she feels that if he has to meet me, that he'll want to end it- he has asked her very little about me, and he goes out of his way to make sure that our paths don't cross- he never phones her at our home, and he does not try to intrude on time that's not designated for him. It's like they have a good thing and don't want to jeopardize it.
3) I think it's easier for her to continue to do it if its not "real" for her. I know that sounds contradictory since she'll only have sex with someone she cares for, but the separation of her two lives makes it easier for her. Plus I don't think she wants us sharing war stories.

While I wouldn't say I have 100% trust, C is a person who is extremely honest about facts, so even if I cant always get a straight answer on her feelings, she is brutally honest about anything I ask her factually, so at least I always feel I know what's going on.
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