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Hey, welcome! I'm sorry that you're feeling hurt. I'm pretty new to all of this myself, only a few months in. For me jealousy is usually about something else. For awhile (I'm dating O (a man) who is married to A (a woman), I didn't feel much jealousy at all. Then there was this girl that was interrupted time that we'd previously had alone (circumstance beyond our control) and I still have a hard time not feeling jealous when he pays her lots of attention. Part of me is afraid he'll find her more interesting and stop caring about me. But the truth is that he does care and whether or not he's talking to this girl doesn't change that. I think it's different for everyone. The other thing to consider is that maybe things really are moving too fast for you and if they were slower, you would find the jealousy more manageable? It sounds like she hurt you by moving to fast and it might be hard to deal with the jealousy until you resolve the hurt feelings you have regarding her violating your boundaries.
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