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Originally Posted by Tonberry View Post
He had these kids too, and he should take some responsibility for them. A baby-sitter should only be considered if you're having a date out together, if one of you is at home it's normal for them to take care of the kids. And while it wouldn't be fair for you to dump it on him all the time, it's fair for him to share.

Let's look at it that way: while he's at work, your job is to take care of the kids. So if he works 40 hours, you work 40 hours taking care of the kids and the house while he's at work. So far so good, it's equal.
Once he's home though, if you keep working and he doesn't, it isn't fair. What's left of the work should be shared between the two of you.
I heard someone once say that looking after your own kids is NOT baby-sitting, it's PARENTING.

I completely agree with Tonberry.
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