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Originally Posted by SNeacail View Post
I think it is very funny how we judge distance by hours. My cousin used to make fun of me for it, but then he lives out in the sticks of WA.
I think it makes sense though. The same distance might be different if there is direct access or not, and depending on the method of transportation. If all you have is buses and you need to change buses 3 times and wait an hour at each transfer, it's going to be more impractical than if there is just one going straight there. If you need to take a plane, you'll count the distance in plane hours, but you'll need to get to the airport (hours early) and then from the destination airport to the city or town you're going to. And so on.

I feel a lot of what makes a relationship feel long distance is the available ways to get there. Distance is one problem, but if there is a big mountain you might end up taking a plane rather than go all the way around it. If it's an island you'll need to take a ferry. And so on.
These aren't pure distance but they still make a relationship feel "long distance) because you can't just hop in a vehicle and stay there until you arrive, you need to transfer and it gets impractical, frustrating, and you have more chances of encountering problems and delays.

Also, meeting in the middle can be nice, but then you end up in a place neither of you is familiar with (so you don't know the good places to go to) and need to book a hotel and stuff instead of staying over at each other's places. It's not always the best, I think I'd rather have one person go all the way and alternating.
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