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Ok, I agree with the others-but here's my rule of thumb and you can take it or leave it as you see fit.

My rule (and everyone I've ever dated or befriended knows this-as does family)

If "you" try to draw a line in the sand that tells me I must choose "you" or someone else being in my life-
"you" automatically lose.

The reason doesn't much matter-that's my rule and it's worked amazingly for almost all of my life.

Currently my parents are struggling with that rule-because they want me to toss GG out of my life (doesn't matter why as it's not going to happen) and therefore THEY are uninvolved in my life.
So much so that MID MOVE to Washington from Alaska-I spent ALL of the money we'd saved over the last 3 years for the move-to move us all back up to Alaska where we could start over because they put that line in the sand and I simply do not tolerate other people putting lines in MY sand.

It hurts. I love them. I miss them and more than anything I WANT OUT OF ALASKA-yesterday.
But no one is going to control my life and leave me resenting them AND hurting for the loss as well.

Good luck!
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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