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Thats not a lot of detail to be honest. Why did they fall out, how badly and do either actually care to fix it with each other?

They both told me they'd never make me choose, but now they both have.
Thats really a stupid promise. Sorry but its an impossible dream. Unless both are strong enough to walk away, there will always be a choice being forced somewhere.

Better, what 'lateral" decision could I make that puts the decision back where it belongs -- in the hands of my lovers? Simply saying "I want you both, figure it out" will just lead to a stalemate between them, I don't think that'd solve the issue.
The problem is, it doesn't matter what you want. If you, from either side, comes with the other girl, then being with you includes that person. Period. A V has ideally 4 working relationships. If 2 of them suck wind than its going to be a rough road ahead (you + girl1, you + girl 2, girl1 + girl 2 and the entirety of the 3 of you) And in the end, some people just can't mesh
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