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Originally Posted by duane View Post
I am a christian living in the Bible belt of Ky. up until about 6 months ago my life was very normal, than my wife came home with a girlfriend. I didn't know I could love two people but I have fallen in love with her and my wife loves her very much also. My question is: Spiritually are we out of the will of God, 6 months ago I would say yes, but I have been doing a study on the subject and God and Jesus says, we are far better off with one mate but does not say we can't have more than one . Any help out there.

I think most people would agree that mankind is comprised of mind, body, and spirit. True, we could debate almost endlessly the definition of spirit, but I think most people recognize that our very essence is linked to a common source of energy, an energy that we have recognized and defined in scientific principels that can be measured and quantified, and that share a commonality throughout the known universe. I am a Christian and have been for most of my life, but to present an argument for, or against, polyamory from my Christian perspective would only place me in one camp as opposed to the other. So I will approach this question from a different perspective. It does not seem to follow logical thinking that we, being a single entity, would be biologically set against ourselves. By that I mean, mind in opposition of body, body in opposition of spirit, and spirit in opposition of one or both of the others. That sounds more like insanity to me. That design, whether by creation, or evolution would be incredibly flawed. We are capable of loving more than one person, and capable of loving more than one gender. I think the restrictions lie within the mores of society. If you look back over history you will see that these very issues have always existed in humanity. Some cultures were open to their natures and embraced and celebrated those natures, others rejected and punished those natures and the resultant behaviors. Some pretty vile things have been done, and are still being done, in the name of spirituality and morality. We are capable of making the choice to embrace and accept loving both emotionally and physically more than one person, and more than one gender. When it comes down to it, either way, we as individuals make that choice. If you are looking for the support of society, well.... how long has mankind been on this earth? That part hasn't been resolved yet. If that is the battle you have been cut out for then good luck. If it's love that you are seeking, follow your heart, it's a significant part of your mind, body, spirit.

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