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Smile Hai from Florida.

If you live here, raise your hand if you're way excited about the amazing weather right now! *frantically raises hand*

Any how,
Hi there, I'm Audrey, sooner or later the Mister will create an account and get his butt around to introducing himself but for now, I'll chatter about us

First off, I'm 27, he's 37, we've been married for 9 years (10 in June) and it's been amazing. Okay, I lied. It's been work, it's been fun, it's been hard, it's been a journey, it's been a pain in my rump, my head, my heart and something I would never take back, despite what I mutter under my breath at times, ha.
We have a 6 year old who has us both tightly wrapped around those little fingers, she lights my life. God what a cheesy mushy sap I sound like thus far.
Alright, I'm into soap making and being as green as possible, I was green back when it was weird and cheap to make your own cleaners, hang your clothes out, cloth diaper and use cloth shopping bags, I'm finally normal!
My other love is body modification, if you're apposed them just stop now!
I have tattoos, piercings and dermal implants. Hubby has only tattoos.

Family is big to me.
We moved 5 years ago and this is as far as I've ever been from my Grandparents, I spent a lot of my time driving across the state to be with them and for about 4 years I was there more then I was here. My Great Grandmother is 94 years young, her Daughter is my mother figure and both are my idols (oh Christ, back to the sappy thing again?!)

Any how, I grew up being raised by my part time mom and step father, my maternal Grandparents and Maternal Great Grandmother, step Grandparents and even random family friends, needless to say my life didn't become traditional until I moved out, got married and had my own child.
Of course naturally family means the world to me, stability, love, and the whole "it takes a village" mentality is all me.
That's what brings me personally to my poly side.
I've always known I was meant to love more then one, I always felt that everyone was. Of course now as an adult I obviously understand that it's not for everyone.
I love bonds that only women can have, I've enjoyed this sisterhood feeling with the stable women in my life and it's something that can hardly be described, it has to be felt, at least to me.
(I don't want this to turn into a personal ad so I'll leave it there! I read the rules!)

Any how, we have a small zoo which is made up of 3 cats, 4 ferrets and one currently pink Chihuahua, we dig animals. More so the little person and I, the Mister tolerates them for our sake :P

We've recently become obsessed with geocaching!

Hrm, can't think of any more random facts......

If you have any questions just ask, I'm an open book
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