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Default Completely Torn and Confused

I'm going to skip most of the story because it's very long, and very complicated. The bottom line is that I have two women in my life who I love passionately, and who used to love each other as well, but now they mutually refuse to participate in a relationship together, and they mutually refuse to share me in a V, so I'm in the position of having to choose.

Both relationships are the type of blinding love that felt like forever, but it looks like I can't have both forever. They both told me they'd never make me choose, but now they both have.

But I hate that, I don't want to choose, I love them both.

I don't even know how to choose -- there's no deeper level of commitment or special agreement between one or the other than obligates me to choose one... it's just a matter of preference, but the concept of loving someone "more" doesn't even make sense to me. What criteria could I possibly use to choose, if I'm forced to choose?

Better, what 'lateral" decision could I make that puts the decision back where it belongs -- in the hands of my lovers? Simply saying "I want you both, figure it out" will just lead to a stalemate between them, I don't think that'd solve the issue.

I'm torn and confused.
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