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Originally Posted by pyxiegrl View Post
Another thought....
If I was to let my husband have a girlfriend what is an appropriate time they can spend together? Is it fair for me to set boundaries? Do I make the demand that he has to stay home with the kid at least once or twice a week so I can go out? Whether it be for a guy or just to go out. Is him asking me to get a sitter so he doesn't have to watch to kid fair. Is this even possible with a little one? What about STDs?
Just a quick one..he's a father and you are an equal person. You damn sure have a right to go out and do whatever you want and let him watch the kids he helped create. I can't wrap my head around the rest of his dreams for one big family so early on. NRE is a wonderfully joyous and ridiculous thing. It brings incredible passion and equal stupidity. If you do choose to open up your relationship, you should actually want it, not just tolerate it. Tolerating something that big can't be healthy for you in the long run in my opinion. Read lots about monos with pollies or pollies who open up their relationship and only one partner finds another lover. Get him to read too. He needs some gold knocked off the glittering fantasy he has. It's possible, but it takes a lot of work. Regardless, his child should come first, that's part of the adult responsibility of creating one.

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