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Default As per a recent conversation

DW had said that if given the opportunity (R would not communicate with him; I am no longer dating him as a result), he would thank R. I was a bit shocked and asked him to elaborate and he said that we are so much closer than we ever were--that even we were coasting in neutral and that this has taken our relationship to new heights (a paraphrase of course).

For me, I would add the opportunities to learn--even though two people that I've dated have fallen to the wayside, I learned a lot about them and myself. Not to mention wonderful people in our lives--my boyfriend B and DW's girlfriend K. We would never have known them had it not been for our exploration into poly and they have both enriched out lives in so many ways.

In short, a resounding yes from our camp!!! We hope to be posting more of an update as well as a plethora of questions as our relationships deepen!!!

Married for 14 years to an amazing man, "David Webb" on the forum
Discovered that I was poly in January 10,
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