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Originally Posted by SNeacail View Post
The idea of the trinity I find very fascinating. The whole trinity concept is found long before Christ in a lot of Pagan religons. Now the question for me is, was the Christian Trinity thought up to conform to the non-Jewish peoples or were the Jewish people just arrogant in assuming God didn't speak or give guidance and love to the rest of the world? For a while I thought it was the former, now I am beginning to think it is the later.
Actually, Judaism (at least mystically oriented branches of it) does recognize three aspects to God(ess) Ruach Ha Kodesh (what often gets translated as the Holy Spirit), Shechinah (the feminine and merciful aspect), and Malchut/Elohim(the judging, ruling aspect). Also, the Torah makes it very clear that G-d as the Jews see the Divinity is willing to provide guidance and love to any who will listen (note Noach, Lot neither of whom are Jewish who receive Divine guidance and aid) and that it is a personal choice to refuse God's rule (note ve Adonai hiksha et lev Paroh: and God hardened Pharoah's heart) notably that since Pharaoh chose willingly to ignore God's warnings provided by Moses and even his own pagan diviners, God just helped him on to his own unbelief. And Moses himself listened to the wise advice of Yitro (Jethro) his father in law, because Yitro was God fearing, though a non-Jew.
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