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Default Great question...

I have lots of pet names for my DH...sweetie is the most common, but I tend to call everyone that. So they are all used to hearing it. AK is "love" and she uses the same for me, her DH is sweetheart...he calls her Angel (my DH uses the same for me...both from long before the four of us met). My DH also calls me baby girl to make a point of trying to erase some really bad memories from my past and replace them with better ones. I am kitten to AK's DH. While most of them will hear sweetie and sweetheart from me is always AK. And her DH has never called me Angel. He has used kitten to her occassionally - entirely by accident and because it tends to upset both of us he apologizes to both almost before it is out of his mouth. My DH has taken to calling AK sweetie because he hears it from the rest of us so frequently. I guess I do need to come up with unique names for my men...just so they have that way to feel special the way that AK and I do when we hear Angel or kitten.

Didn't really think about how much those names meant to me until I started typing this response. It is certainly an interesting topic. Thank you for bringing it up.
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