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I think we have come to a place that is good for both of us, at least for now... I feel like we are both putting a lot of time and energy into making this work, even though we might understand that it's not forever. Really, I am just thankful for the time I have with him right now!

I definitely don't feel like I am "clinging" to anything. When I said "give up", I meant it in the sense of ceasing to do something, as in ceasing to see him, not holding on too tightly to something that was trying to get away.

Seeing him and spending time with him is one of the highlights of my week; he makes me laugh and gives me those "good chills" and I am beginning to feel a lot more relaxed... He hasn't said anything recently about being dissatisfied, and has expressed happiness, and I am feeling a lot less anxious. Part of me wonders if part of my stress wasn't just PMS, lol.

Thanks for the kind words everyone
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