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We are just concerned about you going from the frying pan into the fire.

From what you just shared, I would now wonder if this couple A&R has a pattern of "taking in" single women who are in a "transitional period" (and the implications that come with that).

But realizing that your mother is 9 hours away... that's FAR, and shouldn't be considered that you're "leaving" her. However, when you have a kid, your life is no longer yours alone, and I'm just skeptical about jerking another individual who has no choice in the matter in and out of living situations that depend on factors beyond your own control.

Having said all that, it's your life and this (the US?) is still somewhat of a free country, so do whatever it is YOU want, not what strangers on a message board tell you to do. Just remember that when you come on a message board asking for advice, you may get other answers besides the ones you were looking for. In other words, if you were looking for affirmation only, you may get some input that makes you "feel disrespected".

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