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While I agree with and understand what are valid sexual concerns, they don't necessarily apply here. Hubby doesn't have casual sex. He isn't even currently having sex with C. We have known this couple for years, and have actually each been involved with them romantically before, so they are well aware of our sexual practices. (Of the four of us, D is probably the least concerned with sexual safety.)

I wasn't party to the D-C conversation, so I can't really say what happened between them. I can say that the concern C came back with was that she might be pushed aside. The potential addition in question is ALSO someone who has been in our lives for years. C has known about this other relationship and its status the entire time. I don't see this as a logical problem, but an emotional one.

As to the NRE, and its possible effects, I can't say. In general, she is the more level-headed between them but... NRE does funny things.

If it makes any difference, these are all D/s relationships. D and Hubby are D-types, while C, myself, and the other girl are all s-types with regards to Hubby.
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