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Originally Posted by whimsey View Post
And the ultimate question, vinccenzo - I do feel loved. That being said, I don't know if I feel respected, valued or heard. Some of the time, yes...other times, not so much.

Right now I'm going to focus on getting through this weekend.
I think that, until they have met, everything is a little up in the air, though my gut tells me that meeting is a formality.
I'm glad they are willing to give this more time and not make you feel so forced into things. And yeah, till SOMETHING happens its near impossible to know how to feel let alone have a steady feeling of any kind one way or the other. But in any relationship of any style, feeling loved is key. Feeling a lack of value, respect or that your words go unheard eats away at one's ability to feel loved. He has to do those things for you to continue to feel loved and I hope he realizes that.
Good luck!
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