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Originally Posted by mumbles View Post
It seems like her whole outlook changed when she started to "feel" sexy and powerful.
This can make a world of difference. I get way more ramped up when I have been exercising regularly, I know I'm not really sexy (too overweight), but I do start feeling powerful and it definitely affects my need/desire for sex.

Originally Posted by mumbles View Post
The other thing is, knowing what I know, there almost 'has' to be some correlation between her and my relationship with S. But I can't tell if it's her trying to keep my attention on her, or if she's intrigued by the idea that I might be "in demand." It's hard to say. I do know if she was really jealous she'd have no problem telling me; that's a trust thing and we trust each other to be 100% honest, but then again...
I would suspect it is a combination of all of the above. Are you communicating to each other more? Are you discussing your likes and dislikes more? All of these things can also make a difference.

Does your wife know that you discuss intimate details of you marriage with S? I had a problem with this quite a few years ago, but I'm not sure I would have the same issues today as I'm in a completely different place with regard to their (and our) relationship. The biggest problem, was that I had no idea he was sharing such personal details with her until she brought it up one time. I really don't like finding out stuff by accident.

You say you are athiest, but were both raised Catholic. I would guess this Catholic background and it's values play a big role in your idea of what is OK and not OK with regard to your marriage and relationships. We have spent most of our lives having people pound into us that it can only be one way and anything else is wrong that we have a hard time breaking that conditioning.
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