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Originally Posted by LovingGirl View Post

Example: Hubby talked to C about the possibility of him getting involved with someone else. She was fine with the idea. Later, she talks to D about it, and the next time Hubby mentions it, it upsets her.
I think this is a great example of a very valid concern. Every partner that your hubby adds to his life is essentitally another partner that D is sleeping with by proxy. That goes on deeper as everyone that this new partner has slept with could also have an effect on D.

My guess is that perhaps C did not ask enough questions about this new partner and therefore cannot provide enough information to make D feel safe for himself as well as his wife. The more extended your constellation becomes, the more at risk everyone is's just a numbers game.

I would have concerns if Redpepper hooked up with a woman who slept with a lot of people, engaged in casual sex, or was a swinger. It would affect my safety and therefore could potentially change the nature of our sex life..i.e no more fluid bonding or at the extreme, no more sex at all.

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