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While I'm at it, I'm curious what anyone has to say about my wife's increased sex drive/curiosity. I touched on it earlier, but it wasn't the central point.

Basically she's become a LOT, LOT more confident in how she looks - I've always thought she was sexy, but she never did. It seems like her whole outlook changed when she started to "feel" sexy and powerful.

The other thing is, knowing what I know, there almost 'has' to be some correlation between her and my relationship with S. But I can't tell if it's her trying to keep my attention on her, or if she's intrigued by the idea that I might be "in demand." It's hard to say. I do know if she was really jealous she'd have no problem telling me; that's a trust thing and we trust each other to be 100% honest, but then again...
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