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Well I can see this a couple of ways. And while you might see it as drama it could be someone concerned. Could he be doing this because her NRE is getting in the way of seeing the potentials. Its amazing how high someone can float without seeing the forest through the trees or hell even sometimes trees. Trying to help your spouse stay level headed, while it might appear to be drama intended, may not be the worst thing

I am prone to do this. While I am not saying "don't do this or that or the other thing" (I really don't have many rules in the scheme of things). I will lay out information as I see it and let her digest it. She is strong enough to confront the situation directly, and each of my concerns or potential yellow lights have been proven wrong. I also see things differently than she does, so we do discuss our points of views on things often. We share this info back and forth.

In your example, for example, what is the specific reasons D brought turned it into a yellow flag. Protection, condoms, going to swing clubs?...Are they legit reasons or concerns?

Yes, you could see that as drama induced, but it could be healthy too.
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