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Okay, I'm going to put my point of view on, although Tonberry is largely correct in her interpretation of what happened, except for a few key points.

The first is that my self-confidence didn't get lower as a result of her seeing Sean in person for the first time, that blow came later in a stress-fueled conversation that I've been told I misinterpreted. However, what ended up happening did seem like it was confirming my fears about entering into poly, that I would end up being the provider of emotional in financial support, but when it comes to physical needs I would be left out in the cold.

The second is that I have recognized for a long time that I have a problem with depression, but an event that occurred over the weekend finally drove it home for me so that I finally recognized that I can't handle it by myself, and that I have to finally face my fears and get therapy.

I'm also happy to say that I'm relieved that Tonberry has Sean to talk to, because he's close enough to care but not right in the middle of the situation, so it doesn't make me depressed or jealous.

I may post more later, but right now I can barely think, it's been a long night.
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