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I wonder if he thinks this is all just frivolous fun for you and is in some denial that you are finding yourself with real feelings. Maybe he is just opening up to the fact that you are able to love more than one. Maybe he thought that your desire for this man would die out by now. Maybe he is thinking it still will.

I think I would wonder if this was all real myself. On line flirting and relationships are different than in real life. You are a woman that has a 2 year old. I remember what that was like. I had no life other than baby and was dieing for some attention. I was ripe for the picking for on line romance and sex. things changed when I actually met the person I was flirting with.... that doesn't always happen, but it can and when you want something to be something SO bad, sometimes it looks good on paper and not in real life.

Perhaps taking this with a grain of salt and waiting to see what happens would be helpful. What would you have to lose....? You could buy some time with this guy and not be so intense about it all with your partner. Who knows, in time he might warm up to it and with a whole lot of strategizing about how it would work for both of you, you could try it all on for size.
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