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Originally Posted by BlackbirdDenver View Post
We're in Colorado too, and in a similar boat. We're also late 20's and REALLY new to this. Not really sure where to start meeting people, but this seems like a more genuine and safe place than some of the other resources I've found. Not sure if we're looking for another woman or another couple... but it's good to know we're in good company!
We looked a few other places(personal sites) and after being extremely disappointed with the lack of quality people(not just talking about looks but more so personality and not really knowing what polyamory is). I notice you are a birth doula that is awesome I don't want to turn this thread into how much I love doulas, natural birth, or attachment parenting so I will restrain myself lol

When we 1st started looking we were looking for a woman but we were also open to a couple too. We would just love to find like minded people. I actually have a few friends that are poly but none of them live here in sucks to not have anyone to talk to about.
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