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Originally Posted by Lemondrop View Post

ETA: My husband doesn't weigh in on this stuff often, but I thought you ought to hear what Easy had to say: "He's not poly, he just wants an excuse to continue cheating and keep his marriage. The only reason he wants to do poly is because he got caught. From what you said, he wasn't honest after being caught cheating, that he had been cheating for a long time. So now he's just trying to use poly to force you to let him cheat." And Easy wants to know if the poly relationship includes bringing other men into the relationship for you.
I often suspect this is the case in many similar stories. I will be curious to see how he feels about the idea of a boyfriend for you as well. Perhaps I'm not trusting but, just as I think a lot of people who say they are mono truly aren't, I also think a lot of people who say they are poly aren't.

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