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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Welllll, as it seems to go, Mono thinks I have been too aggressive. I likely have come across that way and if so then I apologize. I am blunt and passionate about things sometimes and it comes across as aggressive to others who don't know me. I'm sure you are a good guy, I just forget that people have not lived what I have and can see my concern as judgement. I am not judging, I am trying to save your friend from possible heartbreak if you and her decide to get it on without thought. I know you and her are not me and I know that I only know part of the story. It might go swimmingly and if it does then that is awesome. I hope that regardless of that I have at least given you some food for thought. All the best and good luck
I think you were pretty much right on the money RP. Several red flags went up for me. A big one about his wife being depressed and on medication. Maybe Mumbles you should be thinking 100% about your wife and making her all better before you think about chasing down someone else?
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