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Default realistic communication. guidance?

Hi all,

newcomer here, and I (as you can imagine) have a million and 1 questions. I will start with 1 though.

I am exploring the world of polyamory with two female partners. I am also female. 1 of them I dated for 2 1/2 years, until we realized we needed more space and to find/establish ourselves in this new town. The other is a mutual friend of ours who we have not known as long.

I am looking for a realistic way that the two of them can still remain friends, and talk. (I don't want my entering into a relationship with this 2nd party to ruin the friendship they had.) I want them to be able to acknowledge to each other what is taking place, talk about it, AND be comfortable in one another's presence. Is this WAY too much to expect or think could happen?

What do you/How do you talk to the other partner of your lover?

Any insight you can provide is greatly appreciated.
Thank you with love.

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