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Originally Posted by sparky615 View Post
As far as the counseling thing, we've already been to counseling twice in the past. Not a ton of sessions, but several. I've been to counseling on my own, as has she. They don't know anything more than anyone else. Sorry to any counselors out there, no offense. I just don't recall them as being that helpful. Not the ones in our price range, anyway. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
I would say that it depends on the counselor and the situation. I would think that this situation definitely qualifies as needing a neutral third party to help peel away some of the crap so you can get past it.

My husband I have been seeing a counselor for a couple months now and it has been a tremendous help (cheating was the preverbal straw). After we got past the cheating issue, we were able to get to some of the long buried resentments. We also discovered that we really SUCK at communicating. I think the counselor has really helped my husband with this, but I think I've gotten more help from this board. However, it wouldn't work if we weren't both going and working together.
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