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Thanks for your input and understanding in this tough time.

TL: Thanks very much. I've had the opportunity to look over Polly's shoulder and read some of your posts. All very kind, thoughtful, and appreciated. Buddy, it was completely in my interest to have C around. Absolutely no doubt. But I never tried to keep her in close. Just the opposite. Polly went to heroic measures in trying to deal with my connection with C. But it was tough to watch. I told Polly on many many occasions "just say the word, anytime. It will be over 100%" Of course that puts the pressure on her (Polly) to do something to break my heart ( tell me to break it off with C ). Dig? No winners, dude.

Redpepper: thank you also for your sage advice. Certainly there may be the tiniest tinge of punishment, but we have been communicating. In fact we sat down for lunch the other day. Unfortunately, it didn't go very well So I thought it would be a good idea just to take a step back. It's so hard though

As far as the counseling thing, we've already been to counseling twice in the past. Not a ton of sessions, but several. I've been to counseling on my own, as has she. They don't know anything more than anyone else. Sorry to any counselors out there, no offense. I just don't recall them as being that helpful. Not the ones in our price range, anyway. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
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