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Thanks, good advice.

One thing I really didn't consider at all is, where it could lead. I just assumed it would be easy to pull the plug on things.

My wife is complicated, I guess...maybe you can help me with this...

She's never been very adventurous past the standard items, but she's always been a good lover, and has always satisfied my needs, within reason (I've been unsatisfied before, but I understand that it's me with the hyper-drive; I'd say her sex drive is good too, but not like mine...I guess I'm just saying I've never held it against her...)

Now, there are two things - 1., she's sought help for some (albeit fairly mild) depression. Been on meds for some time now, and she's doing great, basically back to the person I fell in love with. 2. I've noticed that since I was getting a little more flirty with my friend, she's been more sexually attentive. I figure either she's a little jealous and trying to get my interest back where it belongs, OR, she just likes the idea of me being "in demand..." or maybe a combination of both.

I bring up the meds b/c I can't be sure there isn't a correlation there, too. There probably is. She's been significantly happier and more confident on them. For what it's worth.

So confused...we're having the friend over this weekend, not sure if I should try to get anything started or not. Probably not.
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