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I wouldn`t be to upset over the text vs. phone.

Least he told you, plus it doesn`t mean the phone conversation won`t happen. view the text as a 'ice breaker' for him.

I have a different view on the Herpes thing.

My dumbass (I love him to bits, but he made the dumbest mistake ever.) husband had sex without protection last night. He`s messed up having any sex with me for a very long time, until I see a few clear tests in a row.

If my own husband has to suck it up, and realize the consequence of his actions, then I would expect a boyfriend, or anyone else to.

Maybe as time goes on, and you feel more educated by his doctor, and him, you will find a path that you can create, where you feel safe with intimacy. I don`t however, think you should feel pressure to not hurt his feelings, until you feel you have all the facts on his personal affliction with it. Everyones body handles and deals with disease differently.

The more open and honest he is, the more power you will have in decision making.

Good luck.
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