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Originally Posted by marksbabygirl View Post
but at least one woman I know - has said point blank that she has very little luck with women - doesn't recognize social cues either - in fact was meeting up with a woman for some time - and thought they were friends - but the other woman thought they were dating.


Dating sucks.
If there are any "women's" or GLBT social venues available to you that are NOT ONLINE, I recommend attending some of their events where you can SEE female same-sex flirtations happening and get a feel for what works for other people. If you see someone that appears to have their shit really together, strike up a conversation with that person and say that you're just getting into the F-F dating scene and are exploring what works for you when it comes to approaching people you may be interested in. ASk people what brought THEM to the place. Don't have any expectations of "meeting someone" right away. Do the same thing you do on this forum... asking people what their experiences are and if they have any advice. But you'll have body language and tone of voice to help you. You'll also know that most of the women you will meet that way ARE interested in other women romantically, so even if you're rejected by someone you approach, they probably will be flattered as opposed to freaked out by it.
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