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Ok Cupid has its own undercurrent of what will get you responses, and what won`t. Especially with women dating women.

I`m not sure what your profile says,...but it`s usually a good idea, if you are open to 1 on 1 with the woman, and having no involvement of husbands, to say so in the profile.

Otherwise, being married and bi, will put you in the 'automatic unicorn-shopping' category.

Tweak and play wtih your profile. Often.

Yes, can be harder to connect with women until you get your profile to a point, that makes other women feel confident in responding. It`s very easy to dismiss inquiries, if anything on a profile reads as alarming.

Once I had my profile to a point that spoke the truth, without being wordy, I have never had a problem connecting with women on there.

Good luck.
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