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Default Social Cues

Its been so long since I"ve been involved in dating and I"ve NEVER dated a woman - so my social cues are off.

Someone calls me "sugar" and "sweet cheeks" and I don't know if that's just their way of talking or if its an indication of interest.

On the other hand - there's this gorgeous woman I talk to online who I KNOW is interested in me.... she says so.

OKCupid sucks - I send out email after email and get almost no responses. I must be doing something wrong.

But I hate that I overanalyze things - and don't know if I'm reading an expression of interest or not.

And how the *bleep* do I send OUT those social cues/expresions of interest. I sent a long email to someone expressing my interest in getting to know her better - and no response. There are a couple women I've been talking to who I would love to get to know better - but they keep things at a friendship level - short of saying "I like you - and would like to explore a friendship with the option of moving it into a relationship" how do I?

I understand that they might just not be into me *that* way.... but at least one woman I know - has said point blank that she has very little luck with women - doesn't recognize social cues either - in fact was meeting up with a woman for some time - and thought they were friends - but the other woman thought they were dating.


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