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I am going through something very similar. The trust that I had for my wife is gone. She has done things and said things that, to me, are unforgivable. Things got so bad that I was reading her text messages and checking her emails. She was preparing to move out, so that she could go and be with her boyfriend. Things have since changed. Now my K is staying with me and we are trying to rebuild what we have.
If your husband truly loves you, he will respect your feelings and requests. If he insists on meeting this new woman, even though you have asked him not to, then there is something else going on.
This is just my opinion. I dont know you or your man. I dont know your situation. I will say that you need to stand up for yourself, dont let your love for your man blind you to what your gut is telling you.
I would rather be hurt by your honest than pleasured by you lies!
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