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I have been considering getting a job and I might be able to talk one on if school calms down.

Mother replied to my email via a phone call and she seems to be alright with me dating whoever I please as long as she gets to meet them. She also said she has the right to ban certain behaviours from the house which I respect and understand.

The reason I'm feeling guilty about not telling them is the fact I still live under their roof and the sneaking just goes against what I was raised to believe. It's a bit of a moral issues, I guess, or a respect issue. Not really sure what to call it. I know I'm a grown up, but because I live under their roof, I've still got to follow their rules. And it'd be so much easier to go and see either one of them if the parentals are aware. Plus, they'd know where I was in case I got in an accident or they got in an accident.
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