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you are a grown up no? Why are you feeling guilty about not telling them. It's not their business what their grown up child does.

I think if this were me I would work on moving out to have my privacy and independence. However long it takes. Then tell them if you feel it's right. I don't know how great an idea it is if you tell them stuff they don't want to hear if they are supporting you and you are living under their roof.

Again, I don't know you or your parents, so I don't know what is best for you. I just know that the worst thing I did was come out to my mum about being a lesbian when I was relying on them to house me, feed me and take care of me financially after I finished university and came home. I now realize it was totally unfair of me to burden them even more with my shit.

Now that I have a child of my own I see these things. I didn't think of what was best for them at all back then. Why should I, they had taken care of me my whole life and were not suppose to have feelings and stuff of their own to do in their lives. I was a mess an wanted to put it on someone else's shoulders. they being my parents meant they were SUPPOSE to take it on... I should of got my shit together, became and adult and got on with my own life. I should of been thankful that I wasn't on the street.

And again.... my experience and this was years ago when I was 23.... I didn't know that my parents were just like real people, rather than my saviours in the crazy world I had become an adult in.
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