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Yes, I'm still living with my parents, but I'm supporting my self financially. The option to move out, at this point in time, is not an option. I'm no where near ready to move out nor do I have a car that could transport me to school and other places. Plus, the social security checks I get wouldn't be enough to cover rent, car expenses, and food. I have considered moving in with my boyfriend, however, we just started dating and his roommate just moved out so I don't really want to intrude on his space.

I've been told multiple times I won't be kicked out and my mother keeps saying I should do college online so I can live at home. That, however, doesn't appeal to me because of my rocky relationship with her.

The reason I want to tell them is because I've lied to them so much in the past about who I've been dating and I'm really tired of going behind their backs to see my boyfriend and girlfriend. I have a feeling that if they found out about the sneaking around to see them then the shit would massively hit the fan and I'd be in more trouble than if I told them.
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